Pet Line


The daily life of pet fanatics was seriously analyzed and resulted in this fun and functional line. It was designed by research and monitoring consumers, veterinarians, petshops and distributors, as well as observing and recording the habits and day-to-day of the animals.

This study allowed the perception of innovative features in all items, where we sought to meet the needs and desires of everyone involved with the sale, purchase and use of the products. The concept of the line searches for the affective relationship with customer products, creating an emotional value.

The line is composed by several items; all designed with rounded edges, to prevent the animal from getting hurt, facilitate cleaning and make it harder to destroy with bites. The texture provides a velvety feel and highlights the design features that are in high gloss. The feeders and waterers have the front lowered to facilitate the access of the animal. The opening at the back helps to transport it.


The drinker has a plug for bottles, turning into a reservoir, where the water is dispensed as it is consumed. The placemat has raised edges, preventing food and water from spreading. The projections and the rubberized material prevent the containers from sliding. The wide and rounded edges of the feeder avoid the animal destroy and prolong its life.



The portable drinker has a high stability, due to its large structure. Its size makes it easy to transport, allowing easy storage and replacement of water. The bottle opener is simple and efficient, requiring only raising and lowering to open to close. The handle makes it easy to carry and can be collapsed when in use.


The dog sanitary has a grid formed by circles of medium size, facilitating the flow and cleaning, ensuring the stability of the animal on it. Their simple fitting part in all sides, allow easy assembly of the modules. The rubberized feet prevent the product from sliding.


The cat litter box has high and rounded edges, making it easier to handle and avoiding the output of sand. The dock for the scoop facilitates the storage and composes a drawing of a cat with a tail. The no-stress toy is an interactive ball made of tough material. Its design enables irregular movement, making the game more interesting and making it difficult to get the snacks out. The bag holder helps to carry hygienic bags, having a handle to plug and easy fitting.

Dog_Toy02+dog bag dispenser

Project – Júlia Müller Dias – Company: Sanremo – Pictures with animals: Cão em Quadrinhos

Pictures of products: Catafesto – Graphic material: Oro Comunicação

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