Bucket with wheels and accessories


This is a cleaning system composed of a bucket with wheels, an auxiliary bucket for dirty water, a mop squeezer and a caddy for products, developed to complement Sanremo’s Hydrus line.

The auxiliary bucket separates dirty from clean water and rationalizes the use of water, avoiding excessive disposal of chemical agents in the environment, since the person can remove all the dirt from the mop, squeeze out the excess of water and put the mop in clean water with products. When the water from the auxiliary bucket is dirty, you can remove it and replacewith clean water, restarting the process.

In this solution, with only one device it is possible to clean the mop and change only the dirty water. This will assure a more efficient, ecologic and economic cleaning.





Project: Júlia Müller Dias

Company: Sanremo

Pictures: Click Pró










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